Steel City Scales

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Terms and Conditions / Shipping info

Purchasing a gecko

To purchase a gecko, please first message us to ensure that someone has not already done so.  (We have to manually update the sales, so sometimes they sell before we get to changing the tag.) At that time a $25 OR 25% (which ever is greater) non-refundable deposit is due via Paypal to steelcityscales (at) gmail (dot) com. The first person to submit the hold payment will have the hold on the gecko. 

The full payment (price of gecko plus shipping) is due within two weeks of the deposit payment.  Shipping will not be arranged until the full payment is made.  If the payment is not made within the two week period, any money sent in over the deposit will be refunded, and the gecko will be put up for sale again. Some special arrangements can be provided for totals over $400.

Purchasing a Gecko at a Reptile Show

Animals purchased at a local show are guaranteed to be healthy to the best of our knowledge.  Due to the multitude of things that could go wrong once the animal is out of our care, we do not refund unless the following are met: (1) We must be notified as soon as you notice the animal is having issues as well as the code on the bottom of its deli cup (2) as soon as the animal is found deceased, it must be put into a ziplock bag and refrigerated (not frozen) until which time it can be taken to a vet to perform a necropsy. (3) it is within 1 week of purchase (4) necropsy is provided to us which shows cause of death to be an infection. At that time the price of the gecko will be refunded.  We will not refund the price of the necropsy or transportation fees.


Shipping is a flat rate fee of $50.  

Shipping will be through FedEx overnight through Reptiles Express and when both sides have temperatures between 42-82F.  We do not use heat packs. This may result in a gecko staying here over winter or over summer.  

Shipping will occur Monday - Wednesday and arranged ahead of time. There must be someone to accept the package upon delivery. Please include the address you wish to ship to if different than your Paypal address.  A phone number must also be provided.

If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, you are welcome to pick up your gecko instead of shipping.  Meetings at reptile shows are also doable if we already planned on attending. 

DOA or Issues post delivery

Any issues not related to delivery delays (these are taken up with FedEx) should be reported to us at the time of delivery.  Any deaths on arrival, provided the package arrived by 10:30am, will require a very clear picture of the dead gecko in a plastic bag, and the price of the lizard will be refunded.  If the package is late due to delays, Reptiles Express will refund Steel City Scales the price of shipping, a refund which we will forward on to you.  This may take time to process.

Steel City Scales is not responsible for any tails dropped during transit.  If the tail is dropped before shipping, the buyer will be notified.  If they choose to not continue with the purchase, their deposit will be retained and the rest will be refunded.

Should we GUARANTEE the sex of a gecko and it turns out to actually be the opposite sex, we will refund $50.  We usually do not guarantee until they are fairly large.  Late bloomers are not unheard of, however. If we stated that a gecko is a PROVEN BREEDER, that does not guarantee they will breed once sold, that just means we know they have produced viable young. If the wording is "Female" or "guaranteed female" the guarantee stands.  "Possible", "probable", and "no pores seen" are not guarantees.

Forfeit of Purchase

If the buyer is not able to be contacted via the means that they have provided over a 30 day period, they forfeit the gecko(s) and any payments made thus far. Exceptions will be made if we are notified ahead of time of the period of silence. 

Responsibility of the Buyer

It is the responsibility of the buyer to properly research the care of their new animal.  We are happy to answer any questions and provide help with setup, feeding, and care.  While we suggest the buyer reads multiple sources, if they choose to follow another care guide, we are not responsible for the outcome.

Terms are subject to change at any time.