Steel City Scales

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Our Collection

Here we would like to feature some of our beautiful breeder geckos and some of the stunning young ones we have growing up! This will give you an idea of what we are working with and where we are striving to take our projects. More up to date pictures can be found at our Facebook page:



Produced by AC Reptiles

Thistle is a stunning solid backed pinstripe with a very sweet attitude to match his good looks!  When people request us to bring an adult gecko to shows to see how big they get, we bring this guy here.

He produced some very nice offspring with Woody in the 2013 season. 


Ernie Churchill

Produced by Mike Seifert Geckos

Ernie was just too funky for us to pass up! He is the most interesting tiger we've seen. He passes on those white port holes to his babies quite easily!

We paired Ernie with Sybil for the 2013 season just to see what fun we could get. Ernie's father has some nice big inkblots, and we thought he might be able to pass those along.  We did end up with a mini Ernie with a nice and creamy back! One of our favorite holdbacks!



Produced by Michael Kanicki who has since sold his collection.

Vapor was sold as a part of a collection clearance sale and we snapped him up for a steal! We love how dark his base color gets and how BIG of a head he has!  His parents were both pinstripes and we will be pairing him to Kitt one year.



Lineage unknown

Icarus is new to our collection and will be breeding in 2015!  I'm not even sure who to pair him with...




Produced by Allen Repashy

Woody was purchased from a hobbyist who was moving.  She is a nice big girl with a huge head.

Woody is an excellent egg producer.  She provided us with 12 perfect eggs in her first breeding season. She was paired with Thistle in 2013.



Produced by Pangea Reptile

Ginger's color is hard to capture on camera.  Traffic cone orange is about the closest thing I can think of.  She is extremely shy, so we don't try and pester her for pictures often.

Ginger will be paired for the 2014 season.


Swiss Miss

Produced by an unknown breeder in Maine

We loved Swiss's dark chocolate base and creamy cream when we first saw her.  What we didn't notice until we got home was that she was injured on her eye in the past.  As a result, she is blind in one eye.  This doesn't stop her from being a big fat happy gecko.  She is over 50g even without a tail!

We paired Swiss Miss with Tak in the 2013 season.  She may be paired in the 2014 season, we haven't decided.



Produced by an unknown breeder

We loved Sybil when we first saw her. Her creamy yellows, extreme harlequin pattern and spattering of spots make her a beautiful girl to behold. We hope to use her as the base of our dirty extreme harlequin project!  We would love to enhance the size and frequency of the spots, and increase her head structure. 

Sybil was paired with Ernie in 2013 and has produced 8 eggs.  Two so far are looking like nice dirty extreme harlequins!



Leah was owned by a friend, and when we saw she was up for sale, we just had to have her!  We LOVE her creamy white dorsal and extreme laterals.  She is just amazing to look at! Her dorsal looks like it was made of buttercream icing!

Leah will be paired in the 2014 season.



Oh Mahina.  We love this girl.  She is everything we could ask for with her creamy white dorsal and white splotchy laterals. 

Unfortunately, we purchased her with a bad infection, and have been fighting to get her back to health.  It has been a several month battle.  Hopefully we are finally coming out of it.

We have no plans to breed her until she is healthy for at least a year.

Up and Coming

These young geckos should be ready to go in our 2015 season! As you can see, we are very excited!