Steel City Scales

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Here you can let us know how we are doing!  We appreciate all feedback and love hearing from you!

We additionally have a Good Guy BOI on Fauna Classifieds which contains additional testimonials! 

If you do have any problems with a gecko or item purchased from us, we ask that you first contact us so that we can work out a solution! We are glad to work toward a solution that makes everyone happy.

Quotes I contacted Steel City Scales a few weeks before the February Pittsburgh Reptile Show as I was interested in purchasing a Gecko for my son. Maryanne was extremely helpful with explaining everything from Gecko diet, temperament, handling, and even size/type of habitat. Maryanne even offered to bring one of her adult Cresties with her to the show so we would get an idea of how big they get. I was most impressed by Maryanne when I received the following via email..."we love teaching people about our geckos, especially when they are new herpers. Also if you guys end up getting your gecko from another vendor, we are absolutely still available for advice :) We are all about healthy, happy geckos, not sales." You can tell that Steel City Scales' geckos are well loved as ours was very accustomed to handling from day one. You can also tell from the pictures and posts on facebook. If we were ever to get another Crestie, I'm sure it would be through Steel City Scales. Quotes
Michael Boehke
Extremely Helpful

Quotes I met them at the last reptile show in Harmarville. They were really nice and knowledgeable. They helped me pick out an absolutely beautiful gecko of theirs! They answered all my questions and made sure I when home with all the information I needed to care for my healthy new gecko. Thanks guys! Quotes

Quotes Reliable breeders, I see them at every show and they are always willing to answer any questions. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to crested geckos and their care. Quotes
Dan Carretta

Quotes I got a new little guy from Steel City Scales (thanks Maryanne!) He is perfect and so sweet!!!!! Quotes
Love my new baby!!!